Shipping Container Barns (Builder)

If you are looking for a shipping container barn, barns, or barn kits we’ve got you covered. User our Shipping Container Barn Builder below to get a free quote today.
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Shipping Container Barn (Style)

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*We do not include or sell Garage/Barn Doors.

*Container Height

Note: When you select the 8ft option your interior height will only be 13 ft; you need to select the 9 ft option to achieve a 14 ft interior height.

Note: 60 ft container comes as 40 ft container butted up against a 20 ft container so doors are exposed on each end. 80 ft container comes as (2) 40 ft containers butted up against each other so doors are exposed on each end.
How wide do you want the center section of the barn?
Note: Grade 1 condition is more expensive than a Grade 2 condition.
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